Backpacking in the Canadian Rockies

Far away from well trodden trails your guide challenges you to carry your backpack across streams, forge through overgrown trails and find a lake or creek where you can set up camp. A trekking trip into Canada's untamed wilderness.

Jorgo van Ovost, wilderness guide, canadaJorgo van Ovost has a long history of outdoor adventures and experiences in Europe and Canada. From logging and fighting forest fires, he has done it all. He has guided many of our adventure tours and canoe trips, he was our lead guide and has taken on the responsibility as operations manager for the last few years. But no matter if summer or winter, a few days off work means packing the tent and heading into the Rocky Mountains.

He has explored and designed a one of a kind backpacking and trekking trip into Willmore Wilderness Park for experienced backpackers who are ready to go without the luxuries of established campgrounds and maintained hiking trails for a few days.

Willmore Wilderness, located in the eastern Rockies north west of famous Jasper National Park, is lesser known, much less visited and therefore a true unspoiled backpacking destination. With no roads and over 4500 square km (1737 square mi) the park encompasses an enormous terrain of untamed wilderness.

These exclusive hiking and trekking trips never follow the same route. The small group provides maximum experience and leaves minimum impact. Along the way you learn about edible plants and berries, campfire building, about good spots to see wildlife, how to choose your camp sites, Rocky Mountain geology and, very important, how to navigate through this vast landscape, both with and without compass and modern tools.

Backpacking and trekking in Canada's Rocky Mountains.

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What People are Saying
The trip was better then expected. Everything was perfectly organized. The hikes and the trip on the river were amazing. The guides (all of them) were very professional and still natural. I felt they love what they do. Timberwolf Tours rocks!!!

Vaclav J. 2018, Tour F
I had a wonderful time with Timberwolf's Tour P9. Sebastian was an excellent guide, and the tour itself was perfect. Not too strenuous, but provided a very satisfying challenge. Sebastian was friendly, knowledgeable and caring as a guide. He handled speaking both English and German excellently and was always ready to help.

Amelia T. 2018, Tour P9
It was a great trip and I had lots of fun. I think it was great that we started off with easy camping at camping sites and then it got more "harsh". The hikes could have been just a little longer.

Peter S 2018, Tour F