Our guides and trip leaders for hotel- and camping tours, great summer jobs in western Canada

During winter our guides find jobs on the ski hills, some are guiding in southern countries, others are back in school, or taking outdoor courses. We are always looking forward to the summer when our trip leaders find their way back to work for us in Canada, full of energy, with new experiences and stories and dozens of new Facebook and WhatsApp friends.

A summer of guiding  Looking back at another great summer season.
Tour guiding jobs at Timberwolf Tours.
Timberwolf Tours is offering interesting, fun and rewarding summer jobs for German, and French speaking tour guides and trip leaders in Alberta and BC in western Canada. In-house training , orientation and no-cost accommodation is provided.

Isabel Aguilar job as trip leader Timberwolf ToursIsabel Aguilar
Born and raised in Mexico City, I have been an outdoor enthusiast for more than 20 years. My passion for the outdoors started climbing the highest peaks and discovering rock climbing and mountain biking back in Mexico. I moved to Canada in 2011 and I reinvented myself by taking a program to become an outdoor guide in Quebec, where I also discovered water and winter sports. I visited the Canadian Rockies for the first time in 2013 and falling in love with their magnificent beauty, I moved to Calgary in 2015 where I found my dream job guiding tours in the Canadian Rockies, USA National Parks, British Columbia, and Vancouver Island. I am also a cross country ski, paddling and climbing instructor and I have worked for Leave no Trace.
I found home at the top of the mountains, and either on skis, on the water, hanging on climbing ropes or on my hiking boots, I take advantage of the different seasons to practice and share what I love to do in life and my passion for the great outdoors.

Patrick Bernhardt , tour guide job in CanadaPatrick Bernhardt

Hello adventurers! I am  an aspiring geo ecologist from Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany. I studied many aspects of nature for 3 years so far and am speechless every time dry theory turns into beautiful practice. This is exactly the reason why it drives me outdoors. It is simply something special to experience the beauty of nature, which is almost forgotten in this urbanized time. Due to the flat landscape of my home home, I was drawn to faraway places at an early age. For 18 years the Austrian Alps were my second home before I decided to get to know the breathtaking nature of Canada up close. I became a guide in order to bring you closer to the multifaceted nature, theoretically as well as practically, and to combine this with unforgettable moments!
Here's to a great time!

Li Ya ChengLiya Cheng
Hi! My name is Liya! I’m from Taiwan, a beautiful island where there’re 268 mountain peaks over 3000m and it’s where I fell in love with multi-day hikes! I also love skiing and hiking at the big mountains in Alberta and BC and have been teaching skiing in the past two years. Just can’t leave the mountain all year round! Apart from the outdoors, people who I travel with or meet on the journey, by sharing each other’s story, supporting each other, that always brings some of the best experiences that make me want to keep doing it and look forward to going on adventures with you! After finishing uni, I started to work as a tour guide. In the past 7 years, I’ve also been to some of the most breathtaking hikes in other countries in USA, Australia, and I can’t wait to show you more! See you soon :)))”

Sarah GinglesSarah Gingles
Salut les amis! Je m'appelle Sarah et je suis né sur la côte est du Canada! Ayant grandi au Nouveau-Brunswick, j'étais entouré de la forêt acadienne, de magnifiques parcs et j'ai été captivé par l'environnement. Plus tard, cette passion pour les activités de plein air comme la randonnée, le canoë et le camping s'est transformée en militantisme. J'étudie les sciences de l'environnement et le développement mondial pour apprendre comment nous pouvons tous continuer à profiter de belles aventures comme celles-ci pour les générations à venir. Je suis tellement excitée de vous guider à travers la magnifique côte ouest et j'ai hâte de partager des histoires, des rires et des aventures!   
Growing up in New Brunswick, I was surrounded by the Acadian forest, gorgeous parks and became enthralled by the environment. This passion for outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing and camping was channeled into activism. I’m studying environmental science and global development to learn how we can all keep enjoying beautiful adventures  for generations to come. I cannot wait to share stories, laughs and adventures!

Katja GallerKatja Galler
Hey there, I grew up in a small town near Hannover,  Germany. After graduating High School, I hiked from Munich to Venice crossing the European Alps by my own. During this four weeks I really got into multi day and long distant hiking. But already before that I was a passionate hiker and outdoor enthusiast. I love hiking, running and biking as well as downhill and cross country skiing in the winter. The promise of wide untouched landscape, big forests and mountains let me dream of Canada for years. During my high school time I got the chance to go to a Canadian High School in beautiful Fernie, BC in the Rocky Mountains for two month. Although my stay was shortened by the pandemic, I was fascinated by Canada's beautiful landscapes and the spectacular kindness of the Canadians. My passion for the outdoors and my love for Canada brought me back to this beautiful country. I can't wait to show you this magnificent place and explore Western Canada's endless wilderness with you!

John GrellmannJohn Grellmann

Hello everyone, growing up in the Lipper Bergland in Germany I already had a connection to nature and the adventures that go with it at a young age.

Since December I have been traveling in the breathtaking nature of North America, and every day is incredible. Whether it is in the Bavarian Alps or in the wild nature of Norway, hiking has always been a part of life for me.

I am very much looking forward to sharing the incredible nature of Canada together with you.

See you soon!

Parker Janes, trip leader job for Timberwolf ToursParker Janes

Hey there! I’m Parker and I come all the way from Toronto, Ontario. Growing up I had the opportunity to hike and explore most of Ontario which sparked my love for the outdoors. Whether it was skiing Blue “Mountain” or backpacking in one of the many provincial parks, I always felt more at home, away from home. I love to ski, hike, camp, bike, and anything else that gets me outside. When I am not out on the trails, which is a rare occurrence, you can find me studying for my bachelor’s degree in commerce. My dream is to pursue sustainable and green investing but, in the meantime, I ​cannot wait to guide you through all the natural beauty Western Canada has to offer.

Pascal KlamrothPascal Klamroth

Greetings, fellow hiking and nature enthusiasts! My name is Pascal, and I am from near Hamburg, Germany. For the past 7 years, I have been a passionate scout, always eager to explore and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors. My love for nature has taken me on many hikes to the stunning Bavarian Alps and other places every year. I've always been drawn to the majesty and power of the natural world, and with my experience as a scout, I have the opportunity to bring others closer to this incredible world. Whether it's the breathtaking views from the top of a mountain or the sound of a river rushing by, there is something truly special about. So come along with me on an adventure and let's discover the beauty of the great Canadian Rockies!

Michael LobsigerMichael Lobsiger
Hello Everyone!  I was born in Switzerland and moved to Canada at the age of seven. Been travelling most of my life and called Canada home for 25 years now. I have worked many jobs over the years including guiding canoe trips, dog mushing and working with at risk youth near Toronto. I attended a wilderness survival school which focused on nature connection, learning in an outdoor environment and naturalist skills which come in handy when guiding tours. I have my level 1 kayak and my first responders courses and also completed a 200hr yoga teacher training in Cusco, Peru. One of my passions is blacksmithing which I do professionally too.
I've driven across Canada several times; all the way from Ontario to Whitehorse and Alaska. I never seem to stay put in one place for too long. When I'm not guiding usually I am in the garden, in a gym somewhere or solo travelling around the world. My most recent trip was to Hawaii; not sure where to next. I am currently stoked for an amazing summer of guiding tours in Western Canada. See you soon.

Annika KoehlerAnni Koehler

Woho people, I’m Anni and I can’t wait exploring the beauties of Canada with you! I’m from Stuttgart, Germany where I used to spend most of my time outdoors sleeping with my hammock in the woods. I enjoy being active, especially hiking, dancing and camping outdoors! What I love about hiking and camping specifically is that it lets you see, feel, smell and hear the earth from a whole different point of view - unmasked and pure - with all its different plants, wildlife and electromagnetic variations. I´ve been living in Alberta and Beautiful British Columbia and I´d love to show you all my favorite places and share the stories about Canadian people, culture and nature. Returning to Timberwolf Tours I‘m super excited to explore the amazing landscapes of Western Canada together with you this season. Also, I'm looking forward to have some nice conversations around the fire and hear about your stories. See you soon!

I'm super excited to show the beautiful places here in Canada and explore the amazing landscapes together. Also I'm looking forward to have some nice conversations around the fire!

Natália KapinovaNatália Kapinova

Hey there! My name is Natália and I come from a small country in the heart of Europe called Slovakia. I am passionate about spending time outdoors in nature as I was born and raised in the Carpathian Mountains. Five years ago I went abroad to study in Innsbruck, Austria. Being surrounded by active people who share the same interests as me is just priceless. I really enjoyed my time there by skiing, hiking, cycling, climbing via ferrata and playing volleyball. Already during my studies in the tourism business I started working as a tour guide. This allowed me to travel to different countries and explore some of the most beautiful places in the world and experience unique things, such as the northern lights in Finland, off-roading in Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia or hiking in Patagonia. I am always searching for exciting experiences and I can’t wait to catch some with you here in Western Canada!

outdoor guide in Canada, Garrett KuhnertGarrett Kuhnert

Hi there! Being a third generation Timberwolf, it’s safe to say that guiding in western Canada has been engraved in my dna. From the age of five, I have been joining groups on multi day canoeing and camping trips, through countless cozy nights around campfires and calm morning strokes through the water I have found my passion, guiding in my backyard.
Leading trips here brings me warmth in my heart, as an Indigenous person these lands we are traveling on today is the place that my ancestors called home for tens of thousands of years. I love sharing with YOU the stories and culture of Canada's rich first nations history in the development of Canada and our influence on the world today. I have lived my entire life here in Alberta, safe to say I am a “Alberta Boy” but I am lucky enough to have traveled to all the nooks and crannies across Western Canada as well as many parts of the world; including Asia, Europe and Central America and hopefully the list doesn’t just end there.
Spending a trip with me, comes with lots of laughs, adventures and my dedication to making our tour together a trip of a lifetime, looking forward to our adventure! Cheers.

Kilian KuhnertKilian Kuhnert

Hi! I can't wait to show you around the Rocky Mountains and my second home, Vancouver Island, this summer! I was born in Bonn and my family moved to Vancouver Island when I was eleven. I attended school on the Island and spent summers with Timberwolf Tours. At first cleaning vans and gear until the stories from the guides and my own experiences going along on tours inspired me to become a guide myself. I studied business in Cologne in additon to being a bike guide on a cruise ship, and an instructor at a snowboard and paragliding school in Austria. I'm excited to be back in Canada to hike, paddle and explore the sights with you.

Salima ReichlingSalima Reichling

Hey there, my name is Salima and since my childhood I have always been lucky to be in the nature!

I grew up on the countryside near the Eifel National Park and the peat bog Hohes Venn Hautes Fagne in East Belgium. During my time in Freiburg, in southern Germany, I discovered the beauty of nature in the Black Forest National Park.
Impressed by nature I completed my Bachelor of Sustainable Development after my training in the hotel industry.
The more I learn about the nature the more I'm fascinated about it.

I'm looking forward to a beautiful summer with you in the Rocky Mountains and western Canada with lots of fascination and fun.

Rebecca Roman, French speaking guide, CanadaRebecca Roman

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario. I’m back in Canada after spending a year working in France and eating my way through every different type of cheese. I love travelling and have had the opportunity to discover French-Canadian culture in Quebec City, learn to ski on the breath-taking slopes of Whistler, see salmon spawning on Vancouver Island, navigate the market places in Mozambique and backpack South America. I went on my first canoe trip when I was seventeen and fell in love. Canoeing and camping let you experience nature and challenge yourself in a way that will impact you forever.

Je suis ravi d’être au Canada pour cette aventure, sauter dans les lacs grands, sentir l’énergie des montagnes et sentir l’odeur des pins en pleine forêt. J’ai hâte de vous rencontrez et partager cette excursion ensemble!

Tom SackmanTom Sackman
Hey there! I was born and raised near the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg, Germany. Since I was a child, I spent most of my time actively outdoors. Whether it was camping, hiking, white water kayaking or playing soccer. Seven years ago, I was in Canada for the first time. I visited the east coast of Canada and since then I have been fascinated by the beautiful landscape and wildlife that this beautiful part of the country has to offer. This ignited my dream of travelling to the west part of Canada.
Since October 2022, I have been living my dream in Western Canada and working in Banff. Here I have been fulfilling my passion, skiing. The Rocky's has become like a new home to me and I am overwhelmed every morning by the majestic mountains. I am looking forward to showing you the breathtaking nature of Western Canada and for you to experience it first hand on many hikes. Let's have an unforgettable trip with many unique impressions that you will remember for a lifetime! Travel as much as you can, as long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.

Wolfram SeidelWolfram Seidel

Hi there! I’m Wolfram, born and raised in Bochum, Germany.  Back then, I always enjoyed going to Switzerland and Austria for hiking and skiing. 

After moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2007, I spend as much time as possible skiing and hiking. I’m the father of two beautiful girls which I take to countless camping and hiking trips all over Alberta, BC and the Western United States.

Over the years I was able to share the beauty of our nature with lots of visitors leading trips. This will be my first season with Timberwolf Tours and I’m very exited to show you the pure beauty and breathtaking nature of Western Canada.

See you around the campfire!!!

Lily SusinLily Susin

Hey, my name is Lily.
I grew up in Niagara Falls, Canada, hiking the Niagara Glen and sections of the Bruce Trail. I got the opportunity to live out in Banff for a while, and am excited to finally be back! I spend most of my free time hiking, rock climbing and slacklining. I am currently studying at Queen’s University, working toward my dual degree in Geological Engineering and Environmental Studies. I like to take every opportunity I can to further develop my passion for environmental sustainability and the outdoors.
I think that it is important for everyone to get a chance to dip their toes into the world of outdoor activities. I cannot wait to give other people a chance to have the same amazing experiences while exploring Western Canada together.

Lily leads groups in English and in French

Catrin Thomas, trip leader in Western CanadaCatrin Thomas

Hi Folks! My name is Catrin Thomas. I’m a born and raised Western Canadian. My childhood was spent climbing every mountain my mom could drag us up. Now, as an adult, I cannot easily be persuaded to leave the mountains. Having studied 4 years of Political Science, Classical History, and German Language at the University of Alberta, my interests lie anywhere from Spaghetti Ice to the political climate of Ancient Rome after Julius Caesar. I’m passionate about people and their stories, and I look forward to hearing yours! This will be my first season with Timberwolf Tours. I cannot wait to share with you the beauty of the Canadian Rockies, my home. Bis Bald!

Alexandrea Vandal, tour leader for Timberwolf ToursAlexandrea Vandal

Hey there! I am a born and raised Canadian, with German and French heritage, who has a passion for connecting people to Western Canada's majestic landscapes that I call home. Growing up exploring the Pacific Ocean surrounding Vancouver Island and becoming slightly obsessed with Orcas and other marine creatures began my 15-year career in outdoor education, adventure expeditions, and environmental interpretation. If I am not out leading a spectacular Timberwolf tour, I can be found teaching elementary children and exploring Canada's great outdoors with my fiancé. Some of my favorite topics to share are Canada's natural environment, Indigenous cultures, and Canadian history. If you are on one of my tours, I look forward to getting to know you and helping you have your dream western Canadian vacation.
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What People are Saying
Great selection of hikes, multiple alternatives and opportunities, stunning scenery and nature.

Carsten K. 2022 Tour P9
Absolutely Fabulous. I wasn't sure if this would work for me as I have not done group tours before. Parker was incredible. He took all our needs into account. I have totally enjoyed this experience and would certainly love to come back.

Kristen A. 2022 Tour F
It was a once in a lifetime experience. I was totally impressed by the nature and Canada. It was a good mix between time on the river and time spent camping.

Dominik L. 2019, Tour F