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During the winter our guides find jobs on the ski hills, some are guiding in southern countries, others are back in school or taking outdoor courses. We hope they find their way back to us for the summer full of energy, with new outdoor experiences and stories.

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tour guide, sebastina arnold, canadaSebastian Arnold
Hi there, my name is Sebastian. I live and work at the moment in Vancouver, Canada, and I enjoy to explore the people and the country. I am 27 years old and I studied real estate management in Germany where I lived in Dresden, Saxony. I like to spend time outside in the nature and I love to travel around the world. I am an open minded and friendly person and I am looking forward to hiking and sightseeing this summer. Canada itself is a beautiful country and I am very excited to be part of the team at Timberwolf.

tour guide, jonathan buesing, canadaJonathan Büsing

Falling in love with Canada is easy. When I think about all the experiences this country has bestowed upon me, I can't suppress a smile. The best thing about it all: I have yet to see most of it and can't wait to explore it. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, I decided to take some time off and travel through this vast country from East to West. On my way, I passed through the gate to the Rockies: Canmore has a magic to it that I could not resist, so here I settled. Trying to make as much as possible out of this wonderful Winter, I spend my time skiing, snowshoeing, teaching myself snowboarding, but also running and reading when it gets too cold outside. The first time I traveled through the Rockies was definitely an enchanting experience and having lived in and learned so much about them I am excited to pass this knowledge and excitement on to fellow travellers and looking forward to taking you to this truly wonderful place.

Janosch Doerfler, tour guide, canadaJanosch Doerfler
Dear fellow adventure lovers!
My name is Jan. Grown up in Munich in the south of Germany I've been close to the the mountains since I can walk, and that didn't change since then. After graduating from university in industrial engineering I didn't find myself in an office but rather exploring the mountains of this beautiful planet.
For the last years the Himalaya in Nepal and India, the Alps in New Zealand and the Canadian Rockies became my playground. Driven by the excitement I feel being surrounded by mountains, wild rivers and wide forests I choose hiking boots, campfire and a tent as my favorite setup for everyday life.
I'm looking forward to share this passion with you.
Let's get out there and create memories!

Anthony Gevaert, tour guide, canadaAnthony Gevaert
Driven by a passion for the great outdoors and a love for grand nature and a healthy environment, I first came to explore Canada from "Flanders Fields" way back in 1993. In the course of four months I cycled across this magnificent country. Needless to say that this was quite an adventure. The year after I came right back to get a closer look at the great national parks of western North America, "The best idea" this continent ever had. Like most of the people who came out here, I fell in love with the beauty of this great country and the friendliness of its people. Having a background in teaching and having followed some courses in tourism and film, I looked for a way to share my passion. In 1996 I started conducting tours with tour buses throughout the continent. In 2008 I started doing one or two hiking tours per season. With Timberwolf tours, a specialist in soft adventure and active outdoor travelling, it is possible to fully focus on getting even closer to nature and share the best of Canada and the North with like-minded souls.
Let's go explore! On the road again!

Tamar van der ham, tour guide, canadaTamar van der Ham
Hi! My name is Tamar. As long as I can remember I have had a grand love for the outdoors. Whether it be hiking up snowy peaks, strolling through green forests, camping in a tent, riding mountain bike trails, climbing or building campfires; you can always find me outside! In winter I am enjoying life as a ski and snowboard instructor. In summer I have the pleasure of being part of the Timberwolf Team, guiding people through some of the most spectacular areas of Western Canada. The ancient forests on Vancouver Island, the vastness of the Yukon Territory and the mind blowing panoramas in the Rockies. There are some astonishing hikes here and I’d like to learn and explore more of this incredible landscape with my fellow travellers.

I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my passion for the outdoors. Hopefully I can provide you with an unforgettable experience and show you just how beautiful this country is!

Dorian guides hikesDorian Jorna
My name is Dorian. I am 32 years old and born and raised in Amsterdam. The best question I ever asked myself is;
Do I live to work or do I work to live?
Well, I live to be in the outdoors!! I love the mountains, animals and the nature. So after having a nine-to-five job for several years I came to Canada to work as a dogsled guide in the winter and a hiking guide in the summer. Working outdoors and seeking a challenge has always been part of my life. From a snowboard instructor to mountain climber, I am always up for new experiences.
So lets meet some new friends and make new experiences!!

larry, guides, tour guides, german, canoeLarry Lees
I grew up in Ontario where mosquitoes and bears are common place, that's where I learned to love and respect what nature has to offer. Now I live in British Columbia, the most mountainous region in the world! Being in the middle of this outdoor playground has inspired me to become an outdoor professional where I am now lucky enough to share my passion with our guests all season long.

In the winter seasons I collect guide certificates. So far my playtime has earned me - Ocean Kayaking, Avalanche Control, Ski Patrol, Snowboard Instructor and Professional Interpreter with Parks Canada. With a keen interest in ecology and animals, - I have no shortage of camp fire stories. I look forward to meeting everyone, and can hardly wait for the summer fun to start!!!

Larry is an outdoor professional, he is with Timberwolf Tours since 2003 and has become our senior guide.

simon lude, tour guide, hiking, rockiesSimon Lude
Hi there, I’m Simon. Originally from the Stuttgart region of Germany, I stayed close to the mountains when studying Engineering and Management of Renewable Energies in Constance and Freiburg, with six months spent in Connecticut/USA. I worked as a Researcher for several years and despite enjoying my work I welcomed every opportunity to get away from behind my desk and get outdoors. Besides mountaineering, hiking, ski touring and leading trips for the German Alpine Club in the European Alps, I did my fair share of travelling the world and some of the best outdoor experiences I had were canoeing and hiking in Western Canada. The vast land, remoteness, scenery, wildlife and last but not least the people you meet are simply amazing! Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it – I believe what Albert Schweitzer said is similarly true for travelling: The difference between an ok trip and an unforgettable one may well be the people you share it with. So, it will be my goal to share with you a great trip, one that you will hopefully never forget!

Giovanni Marroquin in the RockiesGiovanni Marroquin
Hello Folks! My name is Giovanni and I’m 22 Years Old. My Roots are French Canadian (QC) & Guatemalan. I thus inherited a love of Latin dance in addition to a social personality. It also makes me tri-lingual speaking French, Spanish and English.

Passionate about adventures and outdoors, I decided to make it my life. I studied Tourism Adventure Technician at “Le Cégep de la Gaspésie et des îles”. My studies allowed me to develop a lot of skills & acquired certifications including: White-water Canoeing, Rafting, Hiking, Sea Kayaking, Backcountry Skiing... Don’t be afraid of a scratch or mosquitoes when I’m around, I’m also a wilderness first-responder and skilled in white water rescue! My journey also let me discover a passion for the interpretation of the various natural environments. Until today, my travels mainly brought me in Central America, then through Canada to discover my beautiful country east to west. I’m an open mind person, love being in contact of others cultures. Dynamic, I like spending my time in many sport and hobbies like Rock Climbing, Snowboard, Scuba Diving, Hike, Yoga, Meditation, Music and Slackline. Come meet me this summer and I will share with you my passion for outdoors activities. See you soon!

Samantha hiking in BCSamantha Major
Hello travellers!
My name is Samantha and though I was born and raised near Ottawa, Ontario my love for the outdoors has lead me to the western part of Canada where I get to spend most of my time immersed in the mountains. Over the past few years I have really developed a strong passion for hiking and I am thrilled to accompany you on an amazing trip that will include hikes that I hope will leave you breathless as they do me. Whether it's a challenging hike with elevation gain in the summer or shredding some deep powder snowboarding in the winter, I am always up for an adventure! I also enjoy travelling and have been fortunate enough to hike and explore in other parts of the world. I might be biased but I personally think Canada has some of the nicest landscapes out there. Let's get out and explore Canada together!"

anna natt in the canadaian rockiesAnna Natt
Hi, I'm Anna. I'm from northern Germany but I've been travelling around Northern and Central America for a while now, exploring beautiful landscapes, fascinating cultures and enjoying multiple outdoor sports! Travelling and being active in the great outdoors has always been what fascinates me most and what I´m enthusiastic about. Of all the places I've seen while travelling, Western Canada is my favourite! I love the vast landscape, the pristine lakes and rivers and snow-capped mountains. I enjoy living close to nature while camping and I love a variety of outdoor sports such as hiking, rock-climbing, mountainbiking and canoeing. For me, camping and hiking is a wonderful way to experience the fascinating Canadian landscape and sharing this passion with a group of people is even better! So I'm looking forward to show you Western Canada and enjoy the evenings around the campfire with you!

Ian OBrein, tour guideIan OBrein
My name is Ian, and I love the outdoors! Born and raised in western Canada, I grew up on an acreage outside a small town north of Edmonton. Since I was child, I've always enjoyed being outside, riding bikes on trails, climbing trees, and driving through the mountains several times a year to visit family in beautiful British Columbia. I spent my summers working at my family's campground working, hiking trails, on the river, and playing guitar around the campfires. My winters were busy with hockey and snowboarding in the mountains. I graduated with a diploma in construction engineering and worked in the construction industry for 6 years, doing a bit of travelling in between jobs, but the long hours at a desk job isn't for me anymore. Now I'm happy to say I've joined the Timberwolf Team and I'm looking forward to meeting you and sharing an adventure!

rebecca roman, french speaking guide, canadRebecca Roman
Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario. I’m back in Canada after spending a year working in France and eating my way through every different type of cheese. I love travelling and have had the opportunity to discover French-Canadian culture in Quebec City, learn to ski on the breath-taking slopes of Whistler, see salmon spawning on Vancouver Island, navigate the market places in Mozambique and backpack South America. I went on my first canoe trip when I was seventeen and fell in love. Canoeing and camping let you experience nature and challenge yourself in a way that will impact you forever.

Je suis ravi d’être au Canada pour cette aventure, sauter dans les lacs grands, sentir l’énergie des montagnes et sentir l’odeur des pins en pleine forêt. J’ai hâte de vous rencontrez et partager cette excursion ensemble!

tour guide, Steffan SchmiedkeSteffen Schmiedke

Canada is my home for the summer, I go to Finnish-Lapland in winter, showing groups the beauty of the north on skis, snowmobiles and snowshoes.

My great passion are the old stories, being shared at campfires for centuries and the history of the common people in a region.

If I have pancakes in the morning, made on open fire, and grill a self-caught fish in the evening, I am the happiest man alive. See you here in Canada!

Isabel SchwarzIsabel Schwarz
Hello everybody
my name is Isabel. I live in British Columbia at the moment and I love visiting this amazing country. Originally I am from Vogtland in Saxony and I am 27 years old. I like to travel around and meet new people. I studied tourism in Germany and it was always my dream to go abroad again and see more of our beautiful world.
One of my favourite hobbies is to go hiking in the nature. Canada is such a great place to go hiking and I am sure we will have a great time together.

joshua turner in the Canadian RockiesJoshua Turner

I grew up just outside of Toronto, Ontario. I discovered my passion for the outdoors when I was 15 during a 20-day Canoe expedition in Northern Ontario.
This eventually led me to Algonquin Colleges Outdoor Adventure Naturalist program where I trained and studied Adventure Tourism.
I look forward to sharing my passion for the outdoors with you this summer and sharing in some good times!

jorgo van ovost, netherlands, guide in canada Jorgo van Ovost
Hey hey!
My name is Jorgo. Originally from the Netherlands, but you could say I feel more at home in Canada. Ever since my first trip to Canada over 15 years ago, I was so astonished by its natural beauty and vast landscape that I kept coming back to the continent, year after year.

With endless forests and mountain ranges, pristine lakes and creeks; it is the perfect place for hiking, camping, wildlife viewing, mountain biking and so much more. Other than in Canada I have hiked and camped all over the US, including Alaska, and in the European Alps. And this summer it will be my privilege again to work as part of the Timberwolf team. Whether help preparing guides and equipment for our many tours or prepare dinner while being on tour, good times are always around. Because, where else do you have the chance to experience the wilderness without seeing other people or feel the excitement of spotting a bear in his natural habitat.
Let the hiking season begin, cheers!

jaro vontobel, guide in canada Jaro Vontobel
Hi, I’m Jaro and come from the Lake Constance region in Switzerland. Beside my occupation, as an electrical engineer, I travel a lot and love to spend time in the nature. In my spare time I undertake trekking tours, commit climbing routes and lead canyoning tours through canyons and valleys in the Swiss Alps. The life in the back country fascinates me – particularly because I like to step up to the plate and get by with few resources. I have fun in improvising and in the development of solutions in which creativity and craft talent are asked. The knowledge about the regional flora and fauna, gives one another advantage in the wilderness During my travels, I plunge with pleasure into new countries and cultures and I am always in search of breathtaking sceneries with wild rivers, huge forests and immense mountains. I would like to share my connection to nature with you and have a great time during your adventure in Canada.

Mark Wilkinson, tour guide in canadaMark Wilkinson

I grew up on the Canadian prairies in Saskatchewan. Coming from a place which is legendarily flat, it was always something special when we would travel to the mountains with my family in the summertime for camping trips. I started working with Timberwolf Tours in 2001 and have been with the company for many seasons since then. Each summer has shown me something different. I’ve done long hiking trips, canoe trips, driving trips, the West Coast and Vancouver Island, and I even did a season in the Yukon. We have a beautiful, amazingly diverse country! I've also had the good fortune to visit other countries like Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Taiwan. Recently I have been living in Italy, which is also a lovely place with great weather and amazing food. Regardless of where I'm living, I come home almost every summer to guide tours; the summer months are the best time to see Canada, and I'm happy to be active and outdoors meeting new people. Languages and music are my passions; guests on my tours can expect all sorts of linguistic jokes and some good music – there’s nothing like playing guitar around the campfire on a warm summer night. Canadian First Nations culture and history is also something I like to concentrate on. I look forward to showing you the best parts of Western Canada!

Tanja Wittberger, tour guide in canadaTanja Wittberger
hello Fellow Travellers!
Born and raised in Austria, I grew up enjoying the perks of living in an alpine country. From early childhood on I spend my time outside, hiking the beautiful Alps in summer, skiing in winter. After I graduated University in Vienna, I started a career as a teacher. But Canada was beckoning..... At the age of 17 I discovered my love for traveling when I first left home for an exchange program in New Zealand. I have never stopped exploring ever since. My passion for the outdoors and my interest in foreign cultures have led me to many fascinating places all over the globe. I have conquered the mountains in Peru, California, New Zealand and Canada of course, went diving with the fish in Australia and Maldives, danced Tango in Argentina and drank Kava with the Fijians. Whether I am high up in the mountains or deep down under the sea, the stunning beauty in this world never stops to amaze me. And the most precious moments become memories of a lifetime when you get to share them with others. So I am looking forward to seeing you in Canada. Let's go on an adventure together and share some incredible moments with each other!

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Excellent, we loved every minute. Deanna was fantastic, very knowledgeable, great with the kids (they loved her), multi lingual, great cook + guide. We wished we could have spent longer on holiday.

Family D. 2017, Tour J
We loved this trip! It was well organized, spectacular, gorgeous, fun + active. We loved getting to see the best of the places we visited. They (the guides) were fantastic! Knowledgeable, patient, funny, kind + organized. Also, Tamar is following in Mary Schaffer's footsteps and we were all gratful for her outdoors experience. Hardass!

Family W. 2017 Tour P7
Best holiday ever! Interesting, enjoyable, fun, exciting, different. Thanks!

Graham N. 2017, Tour F