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During winter our guides find jobs on the ski hills, some are guiding in southern countries, others are back in school or taking outdoor courses. We are always looking forward to the summer when our trip leaders find their way back to us, full of energy, with new experiences and stories and dozens of new Facebook and WhatsApp friends.

Tour guides in Western Canada
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Sebastian Arnold, trip leader in Canada RockiesSebastian Arnold
Hi there! Canada means more than just huge mountains, stunning lakes and endless space. To love this country has been  easy for me and it’s especially the welcoming people and their individual way of life which makes me feel at home. I was born and raised in eastern Germany and later I started to explore the world.
I like to spend time outside in the nature and I love to show people around.  Since I arrived in Canada I lived and visited many parts of the second largest country of the world. When I first arrived in Canada I lived in Newfoundland,  later in, the capital,  Ottawa and then Vancouver before I finally said goodbye to my work as engineer and started my dream job with Timberwolf Tours.

Seeing all three oceans and traveling the most beautiful scenic roads in western and northern Canada was one of my big dreams and it came true! I am looking forward to another season of hiking and sightseeing with interesting people from all around the world.

Anthony Cerone, guide in CanadaAnthony Cerone
With the outdoors as part of my personality and extreme sports running through my blood, adventure is in my DNA! Since i first hitchhiked to the west coast from Montreal in 2016, i always found it difficult to go back to my origins. I decided to keep moving forward and spent the last 4 years getting to know the Rockies better than the back of my hand. The stunning landscapes take my breath away every day and I'm so excited to bring you on a tour through my back yard that will blow your mind away! I always love showing someone something new that they can bring with them for the rest of their lives, whether it's a skill or a memory, there's a lot to see and learn here. Seeing the spark in someones eyes when they witness the overwhelming beauty of this country makes me more and more determined to follow my passion with exploration and sharing life lasting memories with amazing people who are as excited as i am to discover the incredible world we live in. So get your hiking boots on and lets go exploring!
Avec le plien air dans le cadre de ma personnalité et les sports extrêmes qui coulent dans mon sang, laventure est dans mon ADN! Depuis que jai fait du pouce jusqua la côte ouest à partir de Montréal en 2016, jai tousjours eu du mal a revenir a mes origines. Jai décider de continuer a avancer et jai passer les 4 dernières années à mieux connaître les rocheuses  que le fond de ma poche. Les paysages époustouflants me coupent le souffle tous les jours et je suis excité de vous fair visiter ma cour qui va vous épater! jai tousjours aimer montré a quelqu'un quelques chose de nouveau quil peut emporter avec eu pour le reste de leur vie, qu'il s'agit d'une compétence ou d'un souvenir,  il y a beaucoup a voir et apprendre  ici. Voir l'étincelle dans les yeux de quelqu'un quand il est témoin de la beauté de ca pays me rend de plus en plus déterminé a suivre ma passion avec l'exploration et a partagé des souvenirs durables avec des gens incroyable qui sont aussi excité que moi de découvrir le monde inimaginable dans lequel nous vivons. Alors enfilez vos chaussures de randonnée et partons à la découverte !

Anthony Gevaert, tour guide in CanadaAnthony Gevaert
Driven by a passion for the great outdoors and a love for grand nature and a healthy environment, I first came to explore Canada from "Flanders Fields" way back in 1993. In the course of four months I cycled across this magnificent country. Needless to say that this was quite an adventure. The year after I came right back to get a closer look at the great national parks of western North America, "The best idea" this continent ever had. Like most of the people who came out here, I fell in love with the beauty of this great country and the friendliness of its people. Having a background in teaching and having followed some courses in tourism and film, I looked for a way to share my passion. In 1996 I started conducting tours with tour buses throughout the continent. In 2008 I started doing one or two hiking tours per season. With Timberwolf tours, a specialist in soft adventure and active outdoor travelling, it is possible to fully focus on getting even closer to nature and share the best of Canada and the North with like-minded souls.
Let's go explore! On the road again!

Tamar van der ham, tour guide, canadaTamar van der Ham
Hi! My name is Tamar. As long as I can remember I have had a grand love for the outdoors. Whether it be hiking up snowy peaks, strolling through green forests, camping in a tent, riding mountain bike trails, climbing or building campfires; you can always find me outside! In winter I am enjoying life as a ski and snowboard instructor. In summer I have the pleasure of being part of the Timberwolf Team, guiding people through some of the most spectacular areas of Western Canada. The ancient forests on Vancouver Island, the vastness of the Yukon Territory and the mind blowing panoramas in the Rockies. There are some astonishing hikes here and I’d like to learn and explore more of this incredible landscape with my fellow travellers.

I enjoy meeting new people and sharing my passion for the outdoors. Hopefully I can provide you with an unforgettable experience and show you just how beautiful this country is!

Garrett, guides, tour guides, german, canoeGarrett Kuhnert

Good Day! As grandson of the founder of Timberwolf Tours I grew up surrounded by guides and all the stories they had to tell. As young as five I had the chance to join my grandfather and also my mom as they led groups. I knew that this is what I want to do. After completing my first aid and swift water technician courses I joined numerous trips in the Rockies and on the Athabasca River as a helper to the guides. Now with experience and excitement for leading my own groups I'm thrilled to start another summer on Team Timberwolf. Travelling in Europe and Asia as well as throughout Alberta and British Columbia I've learned what travelers need to know and how to present an awesome tour. I look forward to sharing stories of the First Nations and explorers with you as well as fun facts about the plants and animals found here in Western Canada.

Chiara MuenzChiara Muenz
Hello! I am looking forward to a summer with you in Canada's great outdoors.
In the future I intend to hike from Canada all the way to Mexico. For two summers I worked as an outdoor guide in France and Sweden.
Hiking, canoeing, kayaking, canyoning, biking, climbing, skiing, trailrunning – Everything with a focus of using my own body to move and live in nature makes me happy.  Especially if I have the privilege of sharing it with other people.
I grew up in Germany. There I finished my studies in a combination of Pedagogy, Psychology and Sociology. But no worries – I am on another mission here.
I am sure we will all have an amazing time together and I look forward to seeing you.

Fabian NeumannFabian Neumann
“It's a dangerous business going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.” But don‘t you worry. Just follow your feet – and guide – and you are sure to be rewarded for leaving your easy chair behind.
The mountains have been my passion ever since I was a kid. Rockies, Alps, Andes you name it. There isn‘t a single trail in New Zealand I haven‘t hiked. Between getting my university degree in English Studies, I have backpacked in Europe and Africa, Australia and North America and I am not planning on settling down yet. Travelling the English speaking countries of this world made me appreciate their outstanding beauty. My past job at an outdoor  store qualifies me as an outdoor nerd. ;)  I look forward to sharing stories and wild (safe) adventures with you and to show you the most breathtaking  scenery Canada has on offer.

Anne PapendorfAnne Papendorf

Hi there! My name is Anne and I was born and raised in the very north of Germany. After I graduated with a diploma in sports science, I packed my backpack and took off to explore amazing places, do great jobs and meet interesting people all around the world.

Whether hiking tough trails and enjoying beautiful views or paddling lonely rivers and watching the wildlife – every new trip thrills me again and again! Working with Timberwolf Tours for another great summer season gives me the possibility to share my fascination for the outdoors and make unforgettable experiences with amazing people.

Long story short – I can’t wait to hit the road and show you the most beautiful places here in Western Canada! To cozy evenings and starlit nights at the campfire!

Sina Riegger in Canada Sina Riegger

Hi there, my name is Sina.  I grew up in the southern part of Germany. I’ve been enjoying the mountains since I was little. In the summer you can find me on my mountain bike, on a wall climbing or hiking and camping with friends.

I love all kinds of outdoor sports. In Germany I volunteer in the German Alpine Club and guide a youth group.   I enjoy doing various activities in nature with my group.

I came to Canada last spring and had a great summer in BC and Alberta, that’s the reason why I am still here. I'm looking forward to show you the most beautiful places in Canada.

rebecca roman, french speaking guide, canadRebecca Roman
Hello, my name is Rebecca and I am a Canadian from Toronto, Ontario. I’m back in Canada after spending a year working in France and eating my way through every different type of cheese. I love travelling and have had the opportunity to discover French-Canadian culture in Quebec City, learn to ski on the breath-taking slopes of Whistler, see salmon spawning on Vancouver Island, navigate the market places in Mozambique and backpack South America. I went on my first canoe trip when I was seventeen and fell in love. Canoeing and camping let you experience nature and challenge yourself in a way that will impact you forever.

Je suis ravi d’être au Canada pour cette aventure, sauter dans les lacs grands, sentir l’énergie des montagnes et sentir l’odeur des pins en pleine forêt. J’ai hâte de vous rencontrez et partager cette excursion ensemble!

Ester Rivvett CanadaEster Rivett
hi there, I’m from England although I’m currently living in  Germany and have been for the past year. Never one to shy away from an adventure, whether it be multi day hikes, solo traveling or a spontaneous trip I’m a strong believer in creating amazing memories that won’t be easily forgotten. I’m most at home surrounded by nature in the mountains and one of my favorite places by far is New Zealand, second only to Canada, with its abundance of mountains, hikes and lakes, I don’t think I could ever tire of the scenery. I lead an active lifestyle and you will often find me running in the forest, bouldering or in the gym (if there’s one near by). In October last year I ran my first marathon which was definitely one of my biggest challenges to date but also one of my proudest moments. I trained in running outdoor activities and have worked on an activity center in England running activities such as climbing, archery and forest walks with both adults and children. This for me has the perfect combination of being outdoors and meeting new people. If I am lucky enough to be your guide, I am very much looking forward to meeting you and helping to make your trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible.

Melinda SchroederMelinda Schröder

Dear adventurer!
I’m Melinda and we already have one thing in common: we want to go out and experience the wonderful expanse of Canada! I was born and raised in Germany and since childhood I loved being outside in nature and camping just for fun with my siblings in the garden. Up to now I have always spent my vacations in the mountains, regardless of whether it was in Italy, Austria or Switzerland and I believe that it sleeps best under the open starry sky. Because of the fact that activities in nature have always been part of my life, I started my studies at the German Sport University and worked for one of the largest outdoor equipment providers in Germany. When I saw pictures of the incredible nature of Canada for the first time, I immediately fell in love and it is an honor to show you the most beautiful routes and places. With my know-how, a lot of fun and love for the enchanting Canadian landscape, I would like to share my passion for being outdoors with you and look forward to unforgettable experiences together.

Julia Senze hike CanadaJulia Senze
I am Julia; raised in Greifswald in the northeastern part of Germany. Even though I grew up in a flat landscape and close to the Baltic See, I have spent much of my life in the mountains. Summer and winter vacations were always in the outdoors. I hiked in the Alps and the Massif des Calanques near Marseille, I got to know the impressive nature of Sweden and visited many other beautiful places.
Educated in Sustainability Management in Tourism, the desire to explore Canada’s nature with its beautiful mountains, wild forests and deep lakes drew me to Canada. After my winter as a tour guide in Canada’s wild north, the Yukon Territory, I am looking forward to my summer season with Timberwolf Tours, great guests, spectacular vistas and unforgettable experiences.

Hannah Stephan hikes CanadaHannah Stephan

Hello, I am Hannah from Bavaria, Germany. I came to Canada in August 2018 and started my three-month adventure in Western Canada and Alaska, driving my own Campervan and adventuring in amazing wild places. I fell in love with the variety of different landscapes and lovely people and decided to stay longer than I had planned. As a child, I became addicted to the mountains and all kinds of outdoor activities and I still live for adventure, whether I am climbing a steep rock section in Austria, riding a big pillow line in the Kootenays or hiking through the Rockies! This summer I am lucky to have the opportunity to show all of you the best places and greatest adventures of Western Canada.

Alexandrea Vandal Alexandrea Vandal

Hey! I am a born and raised western Canadian who has a passion for connecting people to Canada's majestic landscapes that I call home. I have grown up in communities of guides and have developed passions for outdoor education, exploring and environmental conservation. I have spent many summers exploring, coast to coast, Canada's pristine landscapes through kayaking, canoeing, hiking, biking, and camping. I love learning about the history of this land and I hope to share it with you - Canada's history and the history of the Indigenous people who have called this region home for thousands of years. If you are on one of my tours I look forward to getting to know you and helping you connect to your dream of a Canadian vacation.

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What People are Saying
Really good introduction / overview of major sights in western Canada. Nice pace - with mostly 2 nights in each location, lots of access to nature through hiking.

Karen H. 2018, Tour H
It was a really nice and funny trip, like a little adventure. Had a great time with the group and the guides. The guides (Rebecca and Garrett) are very nice and lovely, but I just won once in UNO, so I think Garrett cheated.

Celina S. 2019, Tour K5
This is our first group tour and our first visit to Canada. We have had a wonderful time. Our guides knowledge of plants and indigenous culture was amazing.

Jo H. 2019, Tour V7