Canoe rentals in Edmonton, shuttles and transportation to lakes and rivers in Alberta.

If you wish to organize your own canoe trip for yourself, or for your group and with your own, or with rented canoes, just give us a call. We do the outfitting for canoe trips and excursions, we rent canoes and all the necessary camping gear and equipment, including tents and sleeping bags. We also provide shuttles and transportation of the canoes and transfers for paddlers for your  canoe trip from Edmonton to the start and end point of the river.
We are canoe outfitters in Edmonton, Alberta. Call us for help in planning and preparing your self-guided canoe trip

For our 5-day guided and outfitted canoe trip on the Athabasca River, CLICK HERE

For the rental price list as PDF page CLICK HERE

2-person canoe for rent in Alberta canoe rental, canoe outfitting, alberta, edmonton These canoes are designed for river tripping, they have a carrying capacity of 1000 lb (454 kg).
Rental rate of $40.00/day or $200.00/week
includes: 2-person canoe (16' Novacraft or Esquif Prospector) with painters (ropes) front and back, 3 paddles, 2 life vests, 2 whistles, 1 bailer, 1 throw rope, 1 sponge and 10 shorter ropes to secure the load.

tent for rent, Edmonton, Alberta tent rental, camping gear 4-person tent comes with ground sheet and two hard foam sleeping pads (3/4" thick non absorbent foam), comfortable enough for most campers.
Rent it for $40.00 / trip

self inflating mattress $15.00 / trip
sleeping bag $15.00 / trip

camping equipment to rent prices are per trip
12' x 18' rain tarp (3.5m x 5.5m)
with 6 long ropes;  S10.00
axe:  $10.00
small spade:  $5.00
folding camp chair:  $5.00
48 liter cooler:  $15.00

waterproof camping gear for rent
prices are per trip
waterproof barrel: $20.00
40 liter (8.8 gal) dry bag: $20.00
5 gal (22 liter) water container: $5.00
fire grill: $10.00

rent camping equipment, Alberta, Canada Set of cooking utensils in a container
(pots, pans, water kettle, spoons, ladle, spatula,
paring knife, can opener, basin for washing dishes,
5 dish towels, 1 paper towel, dish soap and more).
Complete list available upon request.
Rent the complete package for $25.00

set of eating utensils for 2 persons
(cups, plates, cutlery): $10.00

2-burner propane stove: $20.00

satellite phone: $50.00

Shuttle service, transfer and transport of canoes, equipment and paddlers is priced as $1.90 / km one-way for up to 8 paddlers, plus their luggage in one bus. The bus is pulling the trailer with the canoes and some equipment.
For example if you decide to paddle on the Athabasca River from Hinton to Whitecourt, the 310 km shuttle from Edmonton to Hinton will cost $590.00
The drive for the pickup from Whitecourt to Edmonton is 210 km and will cost $400.00.

5% GST will be added to these prices. To rent canoes and equipment we require a $2500.00 pre authorization per canoe on your Visa or MasterCard. This will be used as damage deposit and will be fully refunded if canoes and other items are returned in acceptable condition.
USA / Canada 1.888.467.9697
International 1.780.470.4966
What People are Saying
It was a really nice and funny trip, like a little adventure. Had a great time with the group and the guides. The guides (Rebecca and Garrett) are very nice and lovely, but I just won once in UNO, so I think Garrett cheated.

Celina S. 2019, Tour K5
Fantastic choice of hikes and places! The meals have been rich in variety and very good. The last camping ground near Whistler was the worst. The guide was fantastic! She took good care of us and was very patient with us.

Hanna K. 2018, Tour H
This (family) trip exceeded all expectations. Fantastic activities, very well organized and put together with a great guide and a great bunch of people. My children and I had a brilliant time and are sad it's come to an end.

Pippa W. 2018, Tour J