Canoe to a remote Island, alone for a few days.

The Alaska Highway from Edmonton to Alaska crosses the mighty Athabasca River in the town of Whitecourt, Alberta. Hundreds of islands, big and small, dot the river, none are inhabited, very few ever see a canoe or other boat.

Tour L

Marooned on the Athabasca River, 2 or more days

If the lonely island in the Canadian wilderness is not yet checked off your bucket list, we have the one-of-kind, nerve-tingling adventure to fulfill your life’s dream. We drop you off on a deserted island with the necessary equipment and leave you to deal with the surprises and challenges mother nature might throw at you. After the pre-determined time we pick you up for the return back to civilization.

camping on a lonesome islandWe meet in Edmonton or Whitecourt, Alberta, where you can safely park your car or motorhome for a few days.  The Sagitawah RV Park and campground in Whitecourt, for example, is next to the boat launch on the Athabasca River.  Once your and the guide's canoes are in the water, all gear and equipment is stowed and tied down. You paddle one or two hours downstream to find the perfect island where the guide helps to set up the camp, fireplace and toilet facility and to gets you established. Then she or he paddles away, you won't need your canoe until the guide returns.

For the next few days you fend for yourself, surrounded by forests, the sounds of the river, the northern lights and starry sky at night. You keep your island pristine and undisturbed, there is no need to cut down trees, hunting is not allowed at all, no garbage is to be left behind.

When the guide returns, the camp is broken down, cleaned up to leave as few traces as possible and loaded into the boats. Now you paddle a few kilometers down-stream to the take-out point. Here the car or bus is waiting for the drive back to Whitecourt or Edmonton.


Departs From

Edmonton or Whitecourt

up to 1 or more persons
in 2 or more Days

An island adventure in the Canadian wilderness tailor-made just for you.
Book or Enquire $2750.00

We supply for a group of for 1 to 3 persons:
one 2-person canoe with paddles, live vests, bailer, throw rope, whistles
a third person would paddle with the guide,

one tent with ground sheet and 2 or 3 hard foam mattresses (the tent is rated as 4-person tent),

transportation from Edmonton or Whitecourt to the put-in on the Athabasca River,
transportation form the take-out to Edmonton or Whitecourt.

We supply following equipment:
  • two 40-liter dry bags/person
  • rain tarp with ropes
  • spade
  • one folding chair/person
  • waterproof barrel for dry goods and cans
  • cooler for fresh food
  • two 22-liter water containers
  • fire grill
  • 2-burner propane stove with propane bottles
  • cooking and eating utensils for the group itemized list supplied after booking)
  • folding table
  • bear spray
  • toilet paper
  • garbage bags and container
  • lighter and fire starters
Not included: food, alcohol, fishing gear, fishing license, personal items, first aid kit.

Schedule 2023:

Tour L
May 15 to September 15 2022
2 to 6 days
Prices include all fees and taxes
CDN$ 2750.00

total price for 1 to 3 persons,
for 2 to 6 days on an island,
additional canoe and tent for two more persons:  CDN$ 425.00
An equipment lists with suggestions for personal items will be supplied after booking.

Sleeping bags and self-inflating mattresses can be supplied if requested.

A Visa or MasterCard imprint is required to cover damages and/or loss of rental equipment or gear.

basic paddle- and camping skills.

First meeting:
per agreement in Edmonton or Whitecourt, Alberta.

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USA / Canada 1.888.467.9697
International 1.780.470.4966
What People are Saying
5 days were perfect for our plan. Well organized, always save and very well guided. All guides were very kind and friendly.5 great days in nature

Noah Z. 2019, Tour K5
Pure, calm nature without other people. Nice company with other guests and guide. Impressive trip

Helene W. 2019, Tour K5
This is our first group tour and our first visit to Canada. We have had a wonderful time. Our guides knowledge of plants and indigenous culture was amazing.

Jo H. 2019, Tour V7