Tours in Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon

A choice of thrills and fun in the majestic Alberta Rocky Mountains, in the wilds of Northern British Columbia and on the rugged outdoor playground of the Yukon.

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What People are Saying
Fantastic, really enjoyed all of the hikes and seeing some amazing wildlife. Enjoyed Lake Louise thought it was beautiful as well as the harder walk along the Icefield. Thought the timing worked very well, our guide was wonderful in showing us around.

Rachel B 2015, Tour P9
We loved the trip and especially our guides, Lottie and Kilian. It was a very busy schedule and a lot of work for the guides to manage hike times, meals, camping etc. Lottie and Kilian ran everything perfectly.

Scott S. 2016, Tour F
Full of a variety of activities - hiking, kayaking, spas, town tours, optional extras - bear tours. The trip is well thought out, follows a good route and concludes with a great finish with the Vargas Island kayak camping stay (I loved this). Very grateful for an amazing holiday - no complaints, just good happy memories for me.

Lyndall G. 2016, Tours H & V7